Client Stories – Process of Co-Creation

Facilitating the Process of Co-Creation…


City of Rancho Cordova

It’s a small city in California with a mighty mission. Renowned nation-wide for their entrepreneurial mindset and approaches, this city is often recognized for their community building and enhancement efforts. Citizenship is at the heart of their leadership approaches, and it shines through in their active and thriving communities. The Kiely Group helped guide the management team of Rancho Cordova through a strategic planning process, helping the group develop the abilities necessary for co-creation along the way.  Our engagement with Rancho Cordova occurred just as the city prepared to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  Though their success was evident across many indicators, they were keenly aware the leadership needed to be prepared for whatever the future might hold.  A powerful management “advance” (we don’t call them retreats, because it is not what we hope to achieve) unveiled a variety of approaches to keep the team striving for bigger and better innovations and outcomes.

Redwood Community Action Agency

Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA) is a nonprofit on the northern coast of California. The organization has six divisions (Youth Services, Natural Resources, Family Services, Community Programs, Property Management, and Energy Services) and quietly was having great impact on the needs of the community for over 30 years. As with most community action organizations, the services provided ebbed and flowed with the available funding. The Executive Director wanted more stability and positive visibility for RCAA, and in turn more benefit for their constituents. Over the period of two years, the Kiely Group worked with the agency to develop a strategy for the entire agency, not just each division, which allowed the needs of the community to drive the services they provide, not the funding. By focusing on ways to sustain programs through entrepreneurial efforts, the leaders and emerging leaders gained the tools necessary to co-create the desired future for their community.