Client Stories – Developing Leaders and Citizens

Developing Leaders at All Levels…


Global Automobile Manufacturer

Our long-standing client – a global automobile manufacturer – first engaged the Kiely Group on a research project intended to determine how to move from an idea to implementation rapidly and successfully. Out of this research grew a program called Leaders at All Levels (LaaL). This two-day training provided associates the mindset, skills, and tools needed to lead from any level in the organization. The program spanned the entire organization, including: logistics, inventory, parts and accessories, strategic planning, manufacturing, customer service, purchasing, regional dealer services, etc. Our KGi Associates engaged the employees in a variety of activities in order to:

  • Ensure mental discipline
  • Solve problems
  • Think critically and practice effective judgment
  • Influence others ethically and effectively
  • Facilitate the emergence of ideas
  • Build alliances
  • Implement and execute on plans
  • Evaluate processes and results

Ten years into the program KGi developed and implemented an advanced class for LaaL alumni. This program was a set of two follow-up classes for alumni and built on the concepts from LaaL providing additional tools while promoting sustainability of the learning.

Multinational Banking and Financial Services Group

This organization is very passionate about their culture. The Kiely Group has had the distinct pleasure of partnering with this firm to roll out its Build for the Future program. With the organization’s CEO at the helm of this program, it has honed in on developing a culture of integrity, inclusion, and excellence. In close partnership with this company’s executives, the Kiely Group designed and delivered a learning engagement series that cascaded the leadership development efforts to the VP and Director-level of the organization. With its primary focus on developing, enhancing and preserving the strong culture, the Build for the Future program emphasized the leadership skills that will enable the organization to remain nimble and focused in an often-times volatile and unpredictable economic climate. This program contributed to a cadre of leaders at the company who are now adaptive, continuous learners; able to lead diverse groups across functions; able to make informed, data-driven decisions; and can influence for results across organizational boundaries while building relationships in the process.