Client Stories – Building Learning Networks

Building and Sustaining Learning Networks through Next Gener8ion Programs…


California Primary Care Association HealthManagement+ Program

The health care industry is the epitome of an environment facing a constant state of emergent-cies (no pun intended). With the Affordable Care Act introducing new imperatives upon an already complex system, all players engage in daily rounds of sensemaking to determine how to best navigate this ever-shifting landscape. The leaders at the California Primary Care Association have partnered with the Kiely Group to design and deliver an annual management program for their members. Community Health Centers from across the state of California send their employees to this program which emphasizes the abilities to scan shifting healthcare landscapes; develop, implement and measure strategic aims; enhance employee engagement; and further develop self-insight. Throughout this learning process, participants develop robust peer networks to help with the ongoing process of sensemaking that is critical to the survival of organizations actively seeking ways to seize the opportunities introduced by health care reform.

Sierra Health Foundation Alumni Health Leadership Program

Sierra Health Foundation’s Alumni Health Leadership Program (HLP) is a great example of how networks can flourish and grow to have greater impact on a large, complex geography. HLP alumni stay connected through webinars, in-person sessions and social media. This provides opportunities to learn about the landscape and engage in concepts that enhance professional development. The Kiely Group facilitates this process by creating a framework in which the network can flourish and shape the overall flow of peer conversations and connections by adding knowledge, building attitudes and enhancing the skills and behaviors of these 21st century leaders. As a result, a sustainable, self-sufficient network continues to thrive as they come together to support one another and make sense out of a complex, ever-changing industry.

California Latino Caucus Institute

California Latino Caucus Institute (CLCI) is a California based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization focused on education and leadership development for California’s next generation of leaders. CLCI, working with the Chrysler Foundation, brings together local municipal elected and appointed members from County supervisors, city councils, college and school boards, water boards and commissions, to address their leadership challenges opportunities that collectively develop solutions for creating stronger municipal infrastructures.

The Kiely Group has been a long-standing partner of CLCI for over ten years. This commitment reflects our deeply held belief that informed citizenship creates stronger community leaders in a global environment. We seek opportunities to engage individuals from local communities providing them with training and development skills comparable to their peers who are leading global organizations.