The Kiely Group

The Kiely Group is a boutique firm specializing in organizational effectiveness. We firmly believe that the answers to ever-present uncertainty reside within the wisdom that emerges from collective efforts. Through our work we provide the tools for thinking and learning to access this wisdom. We ask a lot of very good questions along the way.
Great questions provide great answers.


Laree Kiely, Ph.D., Founder and CEO

Laree Toon smallLaree – affectionately known as the Kiely Group’s Chief Wisdom Officer – is an award-winning organizational expert, consultant, educator and speaker. Upon receiving her Ph.D., Laree threw her guitar in her car, said farewell to her CO home, and launched her career in the big city of Los Angeles. Little did she know that thirty years later she would be leading a global organization that has garnered a loyal client base through her unique, authentic and impactful approaches to organizational effectiveness.

In LA, Laree led a division at First Interstate Bank that focused on new technologies, internal consulting and education. She then segued from a banking life to an academic life, and spent 15 years as a faculty member in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. She credits those experiences, plus three decades as CEO of her own business, as an important real-world dimension in her success.

Today, Laree leads KGi in the critical work of building solutions for individuals, teams, communities, networks and organizations who are actively pursuing ways to remain vital and thrive in today’s unpredictable environment. Her list of clients and accomplishments is quite long. If you’re curious, click here. What’s most important to note is that Laree has four loves: Dan, her two dogs – Raisi and Lodi, and meaningful conversations.


Beth Conley, MPA, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Beth Toon smallBeth brings to the Kiely Group the ability to assess issues from the balcony, to create opportunities by networking resources, and to bring stakeholders together in collaborative efforts. With this sweeping range of abilities, Beth pretty much manages the whole kit and caboodle for the Kiely Group. Let us paint a picture for you of what a “typical” day for Beth looks like… It’s 7am. She’s in her car on her way to a client engagement with a kayak riding on top (she’s determined to get in a “float” at some point in the day). She’s on the phone with Laree (hands free, of course) trying to sort out next week’s flight details. Ana beeps in on the other line asking for information about a client contract. Beth finishes her morning client workshop and spends the drive home talking to Kati about the design of a new Acceler8 program KGi be launching next year. It’s almost dusk, so she sends us her coordinates on Glympse and catches the sunset over Lake Tahoe. In short: Beth keeps the Kiely Group grounded and humming.

For the timeline of experiences that got Beth to this point in her career, and what qualifies her to keep us in line, click here.


Ana Estrada, MPA,Director, Programs & Customer Relations

Ana Toon smallIn all ways the word can take on meaning, Ana runs. She runs our client offerings, she runs with wild ideas and makes them come to life, and – quite literally – she runs. A lot. When Ana’s not busy anticipating our clients’ next needs, you can find her either actively solving the world’s problems or running marathons (And none of us can keep up. We’ve tried).

With an extensive background in leadership development – with executives, government officials and America’s youth – Ana brings to the Kiely Group a wealth of experience in developing learning experiences that prepare clients to be ready for anything. And making sure that the teeny, tiny details are tended to in the process. Through facilitating, coaching or leading consulting engagements, Ana works tirelessly to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

For the timeline of experiences that got Ana to this point in her career, and what qualifies her to keep us up and running, click here.