The Process of Co-Creation

Emergent environments demand co-creation – the process of thinking and learning together to access our collective wisdom.


Our approach to facilitating clients through this process is two-fold:

1. we help individuals cultivate the skills to be optimally ready for anything, and

2. we help construct a co-creation process for bringing the future to the present.

We accomplish this by drawing upon the 7-year research study led by the Kiely Group which surfaced the attributes of individuals and groups who are “ready for anything.”  The patterns that emerged from this study revealed an interdependent system of proficiencies – Co-creation, Mental Discipline, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Relationships, Influence, Implementation and Evaluation.

Through learning and practicing these concepts, and engaging in opportunities to co-create the future, we offer experiences in which people can learn to make more effective sense out of their environment and enhance their ability to better navigate all of the “emergent-cies” to come. Our clients learn how to facilitate progress, not just change. And they are harnessing wisdom, not just knowledge.